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April 9th, 2013 egreenfield

The Beatles and the holy guitar

The BeatlesMusical instruments, especially guitars, are living and breathing. The player imbues each guitar with his or her energies and dreams. Holding someone else’s guitar is like holding a lightning rod during a storm. The electricity simply swims through your body lifting you up. If a legend used that guitar, merely holding it is a holy experience. Now imagine owning an electric guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison at the zenith of the Beatles’ fame…


In May, Julien’s Auctions will auction off a VOX custom-built guitar played by both Lennon and Harrison. The auctioneers expect the guitar to go for upwards of $300,000! It will be the centerpiece of the “Music Icons” auction. In the article, “Beatles Guitar Auction: Instrument Played By Lennon and Harrison Set For Bidding Block at ‘Music Icons’ Sale,” Reuters reports, “Harrison used it to practice the 1967 song “I Am the Walrus,” while Lennon played the guitar the same year while recording a video session for “Hello, Goodbye.” Both songs were included on the “Magical Mystery Tour” album. This is musical history, folks!


Chances are you do not have $300,000 to purchase the holy guitar, but it is nice to dream. For more information on the auction, you can find the Reuters article here.


Crafting your own holy guitar

While you may not ever hold a custom-built Beatles guitar, you can always customize your own holy guitar. Texas has always been fiercely independent, and that attitude has rubbed off on our guitars. The state is home to many famous crafters of custom-built guitars. Hill Country Guitars is happy to be a part of the Texan custom-built mystique.


There are many advantages to a custom-built guitar. Firstly, for a beginner, it is easier for them to learn on a custom-built guitar, as it caters to playing styles and physical capabilities. Each player has his or her own unique style. Such styles flourish with custom-built guitars. Not only that, but custom-built guitars are a way to highlight your personality. It is a declaration of your independence. Every legendary guitarist has many custom-built guitars. We are much more than beautiful and unique snowflakes. We are beautiful and unique custom-built guitars!


There is a sense of mystique and holiness surrounding custom-built guitars. The Lennon and Harrison guitar will certainly fetch a lot of money. While it is a Beatles, there is something else at work here. Like a fine piece of art, a custom-built guitar is an example of that fierce and indomitable human spirit. It stands the test of time, representing an era and lifestyle. It is an archaeological treasure, something that anthropologists will study far off in the future. Imagine in two hundred years, a group of alien anthropologists standing over your custom-built guitar as it rests on a table. One will say, “This is holy. This is Texas. This is music.”


For all your custom-built needs, look no further than Hill Country Guitars.


If you are interesting in the auction, you can find the article here.


*Image courtesy of Library of Congress

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