The guitar is holy: custom-built guitars

The Beatles and the holy guitar Musical instruments, especially guitars, are living and breathing. The player imbues each guitar with his or her energies and dreams. Holding someone else’s guitar is like holding a lightning rod during a storm. The electricity simply swims through your body lifting you up. If a legend used that guitar, […]

The Guitar: Much More Than an Instrument

  To know your guitar, is to love your guitar.   The bond a musician builds with his guitar is, for lack of a better word, deep. The guitar becomes an extension of the musician, a communicative outlet with which emotions can be emitted and expressed in a way unlike any other. Thus, we offer […]

Protecting Your Guitar From Humidity

Down here in Texas, winter is on the way and with it comes cold dry air. When the cold north fronts blow through, the relative humidity can drop to levels that are of serious concern for those who own nice high-end guitars.   According to the state map, Austin is at 34%. Get some moisture […]

Welcome to Hill Country Guitars’ Blog!

Welcome to Hill Country Guitars’ Blog!  We specialize in custom order Collings Guitars.